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I have been using Windows Offline Folders for some years now, without too much hair torn out. However, after reinstalling Windows and setting up my tried-out configuration, synchronization stops abruptly with a "There is not enough free space on the drive" message. (Or something like that... my Windows 7 does not speak English).

The configuration of the system:

  • Windows 7 Professional
  • CSC folder moved to another partition than the default
  • Offline Folders allowed to use 255 GB of space, of which it uses 5.95 GB
  • Target drive has 64.5 GB free (excluding current CSC)
  • Total size of folder to cache is approx. 25 GB
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How much free space is available on the partition where Windows is? Many Microsoft utilities (stupidly) use the C: drive as temp space, even when you specify that the target is somewhere else. –  bwall Oct 10 '11 at 17:48
There is more than enough space. Also, the Offline folders settings confirms, that there is more free space available for a local copy than required. I still haven't been able to figure out this problem. However, I see that it always hangs while syncing files with names starting with a '$' sign. –  Králik Barnabás Mar 23 '12 at 21:26

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