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I have a weird folder in my home directory. It's called "..Copied!" This name probably comes from an unfortunate period of time when I had overridden pwd in my bash profile. I learned my lesson and want to get rid of this file now, but it's not accessible, even though it shows up when I search for it using locate.

(It looks likenode.js source files were copied there.)

And I can certainly see it with ls . and then double tabbing.

enter image description here

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Since you can use bash tab completion to ls the file, you can definitely use something like rm -r ..Copied\! to remove it.

If you were asked any questions by rm, you have to use the -f option or chmod -R first.

(Note that you must escape the "!" character as otherwise it's expanded to a task pid.)

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Not working for me. It fails silently without any error messages. It doesn't autocomplete when I try from rm -r so apparently that command cannot see the folder...but ls . does? – picardo Sep 11 '11 at 1:54
AFAIK, rm will not fail silently. It should always tell you what went wrong. If you can't use tab completion, why not manually copy and paste the path (and do the escaping). – Sep 11 '11 at 13:27

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