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Is it possible to make bash expand wildcards on tab completion in the same style as zsh?

So imagine the following:

mkdir new
touch new/1.txt new/2.txt new/3.log


ls new/*.txt<TAB>

Would expand to

ls new/1.txt new/2.txt new/3.log

BUT ls new/ should not expand but should instead list potential matches (no wildcard).

M-* gets close but isn't quite there. If you try the above in zsh you will see the desired behaviour.

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I think you looking for C-x * (glob-expand-word). I've never used zsh, but see if that does what you are looking for.

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If you use set -o vi then you can use <ESC>-* to expand wildcards, but it's instead of, not at the same time as pressing tab.

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