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So I just purchased a video surveillance system for the house and am concerned (perhaps unecessarily) about forwarding port 80. So, my question is two fold:

Should I be concerned about port forwarding just to the Surveillance DVR, and if I should be concerned about that, then is placing it in the DMZ a better way to go?

It may be that I don't have to worry about forwarding port 80 if it is only on that device.

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I would not place your surveillance system on DMZ, I would also STRONGLY recommend that you use a different port (because your cam could be searchable on Google), you can set up forwarding in router's config page.

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Interesting. I would have been under the impression that since it asks for a password before presenting the camera views, that Google could not search it. Or are you saying that the IP address itself would be picked up as a "web cam" site? – Nick DeVore Sep 11 '11 at 21:21

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