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So I have rows that look like this that are created via a pivot table:

uid did size count
101 m   100  5
101 m   75   8
101 m   20   3
101 w   80   7
101 w   100  3
102 m   100  2
102 m   50   1

And for each uid did pair I want to get the row with the largest count.

So from this table I want to get this smaller table:

101 m 75 8
101 w 80 7
102 m 100 2

Because 8,7 and 2 are the rows with the highest count.

Any suggestions on how to do this? There are several thousand rows.

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I think a top 10 Value filter on the Size column will do what you want. You might need to adjust the "10", and make sure you set the 3rd column to "Sum".

enter image description here

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