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I have a pdf that I am reading in Preview and I would like to view it in 2 page mode as many pages reference illustrations on the next page. However, when I enable 2 page mode, the left page is put on the right and the previous right page is put on the left. Is there any way to fix this and view the 2 pages that would go with one another in a physical copy of the book?

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A workaround would be to use, an open source PDF reader replacement. Don't worry, it's very lightweight.

Open the PDF, from the PDF menu, select PDF Display → Two Pages Continuous. Now, the default view is:

… which is called "Book Mode". doesn't allow us to change this option. In, we can disable Book Mode from the PDF Display menu:

So, either way, you'll be able to fix the left/right issue for any PDF. doesn't seem to make this "Book Mode" selectable, even though it kind-of uses the same menu as Skim and I found a hint that it actually used to have it. I can't see it on OS X 10.6.8 though.

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There are two workarounds that involve editing the PDF file in Preview: inserting a blank page after the first page, or deleting the first page.

Insert a blank page

Insert a blank page right after the first page, with the menu item Edit → Insert → Blank Page:

page 1 selected

menu item Edit → Insert → Blank Page

The blank page will be inserted after the current page, and will be the same size as the current page.

after inserting blank page

If needed, you can drag the blank page’s thumbnail to change its ordering in the document.

Delete the first page

Choose View → Thumbnails from the menu.

menu item View → Thumbnails

The first page will already be selected.

page 1 selected

Hit delete.

after deleting first page

After either of these workarounds, pages will be displayed on the correct side of the window:

fixed two-page view

If you don’t want the added blank page or missing first page to be permanent, make sure to undo the change you made (Z) before closing and saving the document.

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Another workaround is to delete the first page of the pdf in Or insert a page before the first page.

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