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Would a 400W PSU be able to run a 4850HD 512MB GDDR3 256bit GPU? The current build is:

I know it's old, I'm planning on upgrading, but for now, I just need to know if the PSU would support the HD 4850 GPU.

Thank you.

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This request is far too specific to be useful to people. You should read the existing post on how to calculate power for a new PC to help you determine the power required for your setup. There's also an excellent blog post on PSU's scheduled for a couple weeks from now, so keep your eyes out for that. – nhinkle Sep 12 '11 at 8:35
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You should have no problems using a 400 watt PSU with that list of equipment. I have a very similar rig but with just a 350 watt PSU. This PC consumes only about 65 watts from the wall outlet at idle, and about 110 watts playing HiDef videos. There is no indication that the PSU is being taxed, since these numbers indicate that only about a quarter (25%) of the PSU's output capacity is used..

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