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I've just installed Win7 on my laptop and it is dual-booting with my Windows XP.

I just realized that I should have added more space to Win7 as I will slowly abandon XP.

My question is: Is it safe to resize the partitions (currently there's a single partition for each OS) in Win7? Will XP continue working correctly?


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It's reasonably safe but you are best taking a backup first. Also it's worth defragmenting your xp partition before you start. If win 7 won't cope with the resize try a gparted live cd, it gives you a fairly friendly gui and seems to succeed more often.

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You might lose some of files in XP, so just back it up, otherwise, you should be fine.

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you mean like they will be just gone? I'd thought it copies 100% or nothing... – webjunkie Sep 15 '09 at 22:01

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