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Cannot connect to svn//localhost with Windows 7

"telnet localhost 3690" and "telnet ::1 3690" both success but "telnet 3690" failed at port 3690

That drives me crazy.

netstat shows:

TCP   [::]:3690     [::]:0      LISTENNING    5308
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I don't know why anyone is trying to close this a "of-topic" as it is a question about a programming tool. – Ian Ringrose Sep 12 '11 at 11:51

Your svn client seems not to support or prefer IPv6, and your server seems to be bound to IPv6 only. Either enable the client to use IPv6 (by replacing http://localhost/ with http://[::1]/) or force the svn server to use IPv4 by specifying the command line option --listen-host

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