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Thunderbird Version: (20090812)

Some mails appear twice in the inbox. Other are not visible at all but can be found when searching for their subject (which requires to know the subject in the first place ;)

Does anybody know a fix for this?


This seems to be a known problem that just happens from time to time. As Abhinav suggests the solution seems to be to recreate the index. I've found more infos here:

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Try the following (backup the files first, please)

  • Close thunderbird
  • Go to the profile directory, and delete the index file (.msf) for the folder in question
  • restart thunderbird.

Has worked for me a few times. BTW, the issue generally occurs when using IMAP and interrupting download/sync of folders - esp when a large number of messages are being synced. Is this the case here too ?

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Seems to work, thanks. Yes its an IMAP account with some large folders. – wierob Sep 1 '09 at 13:36

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