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I use multiple sessions for different things. One for work, one for school work and one each project I'm working on. It gets really hard to keep track of the sessions when screen -ls returns

11292.pts-0.chu (09/12/11 14:13:49)     (Detached)
7616.pts-4.chu  (09/01/11 10:31:57)     (Detached)
1834.pts-0.chu  (08/31/11 18:32:16)     (Detached)
1810.pts-0.chu  (08/31/11 18:45:20)     (Detached)

Is there any way I can name my sessions for better control?

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If you create new session, you can use screen -S <mysession>

In already running session, hit Ctrl-a and type :sessionname <mysession>

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Your answer was better than mine – Hubro Nov 1 '11 at 22:56

Read the documentation more thoroughly. It seems once I'm in a session I can name it using

screen -S <name>
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don't forget the -t option, too - allows you to "title" the session, so in addition to a name (say, "www-dev"), you can see in your PuTTY (or similar) title bar something like "CSS reconfiguration" – warren Sep 12 '11 at 18:51

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