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The output from running aircrack-ng shows all the packets from the capture file, but I'm unable to view the top of this output, only the last 150 lines.

I need to view the top in order to find the target network with the most IV's. How can I do this?

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Windows command prompt? – Moab Sep 13 '11 at 1:29

Depending on your operating system you could use a redirect to save the output of your command to a text file then you can review it in your text editor of choice

aircrack-ng > output.txt

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This works on every OS that I'm aware of. It works great because you can analyze the output later. You can also add "2> error.txt" to redirect the "error" output to a separate files. These are 2 separate streams, and sometimes contain different information. – Kibbee Sep 13 '11 at 1:15

I usually pipe it to the more command:

aircrack-ng | more

It will work on pretty much all PC OSs.

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You can increase the height and buffer of the screen. Left click the top left corner of the Command prompt or hit CTRL Alt Space

You can change the current instance by going to properties. To make permanent changes, select defaults.

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