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Using Eclipse + Texlipse (LaTeX plugin) on Ubuntu 11.04 -- though it should apply to other OSs too.

In the project explorer, double clicking on a PDF file will open it with the "System Editor" or "Default Editor". In practise, if I double click a PDF it gets opened by Adobe Reader, while my default PDF reader is different (Okular in my case).

Where does Eclipse get the information about the default editor/viewer?

I'm aware there is a "Preview Document" button in Texlipse that can be customised to use any viewer, but I'm just trying to understand how Eclipse works.

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This is a great question. And it has a great answer.

By default Texlipse intrusively installs a plug-in called PDF4Eclipse. You're supposed to be able to configure the default editor via the File Associations dialog, but in case you're fed up of the internal pdf viewer and never want to use it, you can just remove it instead.

To remove it, go Help > About Eclipse > Installation Details

inst details

There you will see a list of items,


Pick PDF4Eclipse from the list, and choose Uninstall at the bottom.

I already did it in this screenshot, which is why I had to ink in PDF4Eclipse!

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Go to Window > Preferences > Texlipse > Viewer Settings. Now, click New and create a new viewer configuration with the correct path to your preferred PDF viewer.

You can find elaborated details here:

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Thanks, but that's not what I refer to. I know about the possibility of opening the file with that method. However, I was looking for a solution to change what the "System editor" points to, whether that be a PDF viewer or anything else. Apologies if the question wasn't clear. – gozzilli Nov 24 '11 at 8:28

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