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I have a Time Machine backup from a previous Snow Leopard installation where my Firefox bookmarks reside somewhere. I want to use them in Safari in my new Lion Installation. The problem is that I forgot to export bookmarks. I had a look at the Application Support Firefox folder at the bookmarks folder but only a .jsod or so file can be found there and this can not be imported into Safari. I wonder how would I be able to import them into Safari.

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Note that mac refers to the hardware. You need to tag your questions osx. – Daniel Beck Sep 14 '11 at 8:11
Could it be as simple as putting your old Firefox profile on your new installation, installing Firefox, and then either exporting bookmarks or using XMarks to sync? – zpletan Sep 17 '11 at 2:23
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Follow these steps:

  1. Open Firefox. If you have uninstalled it, try using Portable Firefox.
  2. From Bookmark Library ~> Backup and Import ~> Restore, choose that .jsod file.
  3. From Bookmark Library ~> Backup and Import ~> Export HTML, export bookmarks as HTML.
  4. Open Safari. From File ~> Import Bookmarks, import the exported HTML file.

You can replace steps 3 and 4 by installing Xmarks and syncing bookmarks with it (it'll return no bug).

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