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With Windows XP, when I try remotely logging into a workstation that has another user logged in, it tells me who that is. With Windows 7, however, it just says "another user is currently…" without telling me who that is.

Is there a way to tell which account is logged in?

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Apparently this 'feature' is by design. I know this doesn't help you, but it's the only answer I could see.

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thats what my google searches revealed - I was hoping there was an alternative answer. – ved Sep 14 '11 at 20:03
  • Start Computer Management on your computer.
  • Right-click on Computer Mangement (Local) and choose Connect to another computer..
  • Put in the name of the workstation you want to see remote session logs of:

    System Tools\Event Viewer\Applications and Services Logs\Microsoft\Windows\TerminalServices-LocalSessionManager\Operational\
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