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Visioneer One Touch 6600usb scanner.

I have a black and white picture that I am attempting to scan. I have scanned others with no problem. However, this on has a checker board pattern.

I have tried various dpi and contrast settings but they just seem to make things worse than the default setting of 300 dpi.

Any ideas?

OS is Windows XP Pro, SP3.

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Usually because the original that you are scanning uses halftoning (e.g. newspaper or magazine photos) or dithering of some sort.

When you scan such an image at a resolution and orientation that differs slightly from that used in the original you get a kind of Moiré interference effect.

The effect should disappear if you scan at a much higher or much lower resolution. Instead of 300 dpi, try 4800 dpi or 30 dpi.

See discussion in various places.

Some scanners have a descreening option to combat this.

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