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I want to know if I can change the default settings on the mac when you start up your mac for the first time, and enter all the information, such as Company Name, Address, Phone number... etc. Does anyone know how to do that, since I need to change my company name and address.

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There should be a "me" card in the Address Book application that contains your personal information and can be edited at any time. It's identifiable by the person icon instead of the card icon.

"Me" card for SidneySM

If you don't have a card for yourself in Address book, make one and choose Make this My Card from the Card menu.

If you need to change your registration information, you can re-register your computer on Apple's website.

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I never need this, but I think try to change your contact details in Adressbook. If that not work look in Systempreference in Users or something.

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go to the system preferences and select "sharing" - there you can alter some information...

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Go to Apple's website and register your product again.

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