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I need to create a very lightweight distribution of MySQL for Windows.

I've already downloaded a portable (no install) version, I removed some non vital directories (like mysql-test and similar), and I changed my.ini properly. It works fine, including InnoDB.

The problem is that it sill takes 147 MB. I've seen the most is inside the bin directory, where there is a bunch of executables, taking about 3-8 MB each. Can I safely delete some of them? Which of them?

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: no, I cannot migrate to sqlite, I have to stick with MySQL. :)

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MicroSQL is a standalone package that is shipped as an option to MicroApache. From the website

Deleteable Components

If you use an external web-based manager such as PHPMyAdmin and never use the CMD-line admin or access functions then you can reduce the footprint by deleting mysql.exe and mysqladmin.exe (and mysqlwatch.exe + mysqlcheck.exe if supplied) Note that you need msqladmin.exe to use the stop/start batch files to control the MySQL console service.

Removed Components

13/01/2005 08:46   122,880 my_print_defaults.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 1,093,632 myisam_ftdump.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 1,200,128 myisamchk.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 1,118,208 myisamlog.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 1,118,208 myisampack.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 1,064,960 mysqlbinlog.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 1,044,480 mysqlcheck.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 3,493,888 mysqld.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 1,064,960 mysqldump.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 1,044,480 mysqlimport.exe
07/01/2005 00:30 1,523,200 MySQLInstanceConfig.exe
13/01/2005 08:46 1,040,384 mysqlshow.exe
13/01/2005 08:46    40,960 mysqlshutdown.exe
13/01/2005 08:46    45,056 mysqlwatch.exe
13/01/2005 08:46   110,592 perror.exe

The size of the package is 2.9mb.

Download MicroSQL 4.1.9-3 (2.9 Mb ZIP file) (Apache/PHP binaries/modules are NOT included)

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