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I know there are online converters for .pub files, but I'm wondering if there is some actual software for the mac that can natively open or convert .pub files. I didn't see anything posted here already.


To clarify, I am getting files from a client in the .pub (MS Publisher) format, and I didn't want to depend on an online conversion tool. I want to be able to see the files, I don't care about editing them or saving them back to .pub format. Yes, I realize I can ask whoever has the publisher files to send them in a different format, I'm not trying to solve the problem of how do I see what's inside of one particular file. I'm looking for an easy / quick solution to see what's in them without being connected to the internet.

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from apple's support discussions...

If you want to just show demo files, you could export them as PDF's, or save them as image files. Or you could even publish as webpages and host somewhere

I don't think even in the full OS X on a Mac there is any way to do anything with Publisher files, although there is a utility that will convert them to InDesign.

this is in comparison to the more common .epub format for ebooks, etc... which has several viewing and editing options available on the mac...

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I'm accepting this as the answer until a better one is given. Thanks! – cwd Jul 2 '12 at 16:35

I use File Juicer to extract images and text out of MS Publisher files. Depending on what is in your Publisher files, it may be the solution you are looking for.

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.PUB files are a proprietary Microsoft format for Publisher. Unless you have a version of MS Publisher for Mac (which I don't think exists), you can't open them natively in that format and will need to either save them as a different format from within Publisher, or use a conversion site/program.

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LibreOffice as of V4.0 can natively open and edit .pub files. Though I think you cannot save the edits back to a .pub file, I think LibreOffice can only save to its .odg file format or export to a .pdf file.

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