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I'm having trouble getting a small source code compiled in the terminal. I'm completely new at this (just started taking an introductory course)... I'm going to try to describe the situation as best I can, so bear with me.

This is what I've done:

I opened Aquamacs and started working on a new file I called "CerealBox". I noticed the words were not in colors, so I started poking around until I found a setting to change the buffer to C++ mode. Then, I had the colors..

So I wrote the source code and I'm pretty sure I have everything done right (my professor wrote this out step by step on the board and I only copied it onto the editor).

I go to the terminal and type in

g++ -Wall -c CerealBox.cpp

as instructed to me by my professor, and the thing answers back saying

"No such file or directory"

"No input files".

I have no idea what to do! Nobody in my class uses Mac OS, so they're no help! Please, help if you can!

PS: When I save the CerealBox file, it turns up in finder as a blank page icon with the name CerealBox under it. When I click on it, I get a small window with the source code in black text. Shouldn't this be opening up with Aquamacs when I click on it? Is that my mistake?

Another thing, why is Aquamacs not running on C++ from the start, I mean, why don't I get the colorful words right when I start it up? I don't think I had that problem last time I used it.

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#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int weight_in_oz, boxes_per_ton; double oz_per_ton = 35273.92, weight_in_tons; cout << "What is the weight in ounces per box of cereal?\n"; cin >> weight_in_oz; weight_in_tons = weight_in_oz / oz_per_ton; boxes_per_ton = oz_per_ton / weight_in_oz; cout << "If you have a box of cereal that weighs " cout << weight_in_oz << " ounces, then in weighs " cout << weight_in_tons << " metric tons and you need " cout << boxes_per_ton << " boxes to complete one metric ton.\n"; return 0; } – Andrea Sep 15 '11 at 20:43
That is the source code I'm trying to compile... I wrote ".cpp" at the end of the name and it keeps telling me I have a mistake. It says: 167-206-54-24-dynamic:~ andreagarcia$ g++ -Wall -c CerealBox.cpp CerealBox.cpp: In function ‘int main()’: CerealBox.cpp:17: error: expected `;' before ‘cout’ – Andrea Sep 15 '11 at 20:45

If your file is called CerealBox (and not CerealBox.cpp), then you should rename the file to CerealBox.cpp first to make it clear that it's a C++ source file.

Then try again:

g++ -Wall -c CerealBox.cpp

For g++ it wouldn't really matter how the file's called, but …

why is aquamacs not running on C++ form the start, I mean, why don't I get the colorful words right when I start it up?

This is exactly because it doesn't know the file is a C++ source file. AFAIK, there's no language guessing or automatic syntax highlighting based on the contents alone. You need the extension for that.

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