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I need a column chart which trends 6 month(I have this covered) but stretches rows based on values in the data set. I could hook the chart to the pivot BUT I need to summarize all values over a count of 5.

so, if you have 4 values, then just who 4 (3,2,1) BUT if you have 12 values then show the top 4 (I can do this) but sum the other 8 (I can do this)

the problem is: How do I get the chart to add and remove series based on this.

Right now I have an area that does all this calculation but I don't know how to get the chart to use the dynamic range for it's data (and dynamic series)

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While I am not completely clear on your question there are a number of sites that explain well the process of using dynamic range names as inputs to chart series - the key issue which is easy to forget is that when adding a dynamic range name as a charte series, that this reference must include the worksheet name


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