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I have a dual-boot system - 2 partitions - 1 Windows 7 and 1 Ubuntu 11.04 - using the Windows 7 boot-loader, with the Ubuntu boot option added via EasyBCD.

I also installed the Windows 8 preview on a VHD (as of Hanselman's instructions here.)

The Windows 8 boot-loader has overwritten the Windows 7 bootloader. Now I can't boot into my Ubuntu partition.

Any idea how to fix this?

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In the (excellent) new Windows 8 Preview boot manager, there is an advanced option to Use another operating system:

enter image description here

I selected this, then chose Windows 7. It then rebooted and gave me back my original Windows 7 boot manager (with my Ubuntu choice).

The cherry on the icing was that the Windows 8 choice had been added in automatically for me!

Now I just get one boot screen with the three choices:

  • Windows Developer Preview
  • Windows 7
  • Ubuntu
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