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I've just got started with a Mac OS Snow Leopard running in a VMware player on my Windows 7 machine. I can't find a way to make it full screen so I could do some productive work with it. Also can't find VMware tools for it so switching in and out wouldn't be so painful. Does anybody know how to do this? And anything more that can take all the hiccups out of the way.

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Try this - it worked for me 5 minutes ago on Sep 26/2011 ;-) –  ring bearer Aug 24 '12 at 20:02
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@haimg - I am sorry but I couldnt find VMware tools - Even after I installed VMware fusion on OSX virtualization. But anyway I found this solution.

In order to get the desired screen resolution for your guest OSX installation. You can use :

VM SVGA2 from Sourceforge. (Tip for OSX noob - Its 3rd party software so OSX wont allow you to open it directly. Simple solution - CTRL + Left click -> Open Or A permanent fix - tinker in System Preference -> Security & Privacy)

Which after installing will give you other options in System Preference -> Display -> Resolutions.

This I think workd only for VMware virtualization. I tried doing the manual way of changing the "com.apple.Boot.plist" file, But I didnt get it working. I am not sure whether this will work VirtualBox virtualization but there are other methods available for it.


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Basically you need to install VMWare tools, once you do that, your OS X guest will be able to run in native resolution (no hardware acceleration is available in OS X guests, though, so it will still be slow). Switching in and out will also work as well as with other guests.

The only place where VMWare for OS X tools are available is inside VMWare Fusion for OS X. Since running OS X guests inside non-Mac host is against the OS X license, VMWare never supplied the tools to do so with its PC virtualization products, but once you find and install the needed dmg inside your Fusion installation, it will work ok.

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