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My Exchange email account has a limited quota so I move some messages to a local .pst file.

I created Search Folders that filter messages by specific categories, but it only locates messages in my primary mailbox. How can I create a search folder that searches through all messages, regardless of whether they're in the exchange mailbox or a local pst?

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I see that in Outlook 2007, according to a MS MVP, this was not possible. Though it was suggested that such functionality might be "on the drawing board". – kmote Dec 27 '12 at 23:45

Xobni is a commercial product that indexes your mail in Outlook folders, PSTs, whatever, and gives you really fast and easy searching power. I used the free version for a while (but it doesn't allow you to search PSTs), and a friend swears by the full version. It does other cute things too, but letting you search your email is what it's best at. I stopped using it because it was too much for my old laptop, but a modern machine should have no problem running it.

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