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I use iStatMenu to show me my total bandwidth use at any moment, but what I really want it a way of seeing what app is using how much. Sometimes I see more bandwidth being used that I expect, but I have no way of seeing which is the greedy app!

Ideally I'd prefer a free app of course, and not something as intrusive as LittleSnitch, I don't want to control what apps can use the web, just monitor them.

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if you've got 10.7, you can use the shockingly verbose command ->

nettop [ route | tcp | udp ]

It presents a display of EVERY SINGLE network connection, by process, including...

state packets in bytes in packets out bytes out

Don't forget to use the arrow keys (or return) to "go down" the HUGE list.

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-bash: tcp: command not found and -bash: udp: command not found from ~$ on my Lion (10.7.1). – Meltemi Sep 16 '11 at 18:54
nettop is the command, [ udp | tcp | route ] indicate the optional arguments to that command (amongst others). man *command* shows the options and usage for any command.. – mralexgray Sep 16 '11 at 19:02

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