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As we know, we can connect to a Linux server on a Linux or Unix system by typing


But it seems like we cannot do things like this by Windows Command Prompt. I mean we cannot connect to a Linux shell by a simple command right? Just want to make sure if this is impossible without installing extra tools(like sftpc or anything). And please give me some explanation of this.

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You need to install extra tools. – Michael Sep 16 '11 at 15:41
Cygwin provides CLI ssh, PLink.exe is another option for command execution w/o a shell. – Michael Sep 16 '11 at 15:42
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Windows doesn't have built-in tools for ssh, sftp, scp, etc. You'll have to install something like cygwin or invoke other external tools like putty with a command. It does have a telnet client though, so if your linux server is local (and security is not an issue) and it allows telnet, you could use telnet from the Windows command line for a painful experience.

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There are various ways to run an SSH shell in a browser plugin or even using AJAX if you're running a web server on the linux box. Just google "browser based ssh" or similar. Disclaimer: I always just use PuTTY or cygwin, so I've never tried a browser solution.

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