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I'm installing OS X 10.4.5 from the original media, but have discovered halfway through (after the computer reboots into the new install and uses Disk 2) that the second disk is faulty, so I can't get past some of the non-essential software installs - it fails with an IO error reading the DVD, so I get stuck in an installer loop as it wants to restart/retry again and again.

I've managed to load up a Terminal and Finder from this point (Install Log -> Print -> Add Printer -> Printer Setup Help -> click on www.apple.com -> Safari -> use telnet: url to lauch Terminal -> run /System/Library/CoreServices/Dock.app/Contents/MacOS/Dock).

But now I need to find out how to prevent the Installer.app running when I start the computer up; I'd just like to have it go to the normal login screen instead. I guess there's a configuration file or setting that indicates that it hasn't finished installing yet. Any ideas where such an item might be, so I can modify it?

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Phew, I'm not too familiar with the installation procedure – but maybe it's related to the .AppleSetupDone file created when you've clicked through the setup (this), and if you recreate it the system would think you're finished. I really don't know for 10.4 though, I've never installed it. –  slhck Sep 17 '11 at 14:42

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slhck, thanks for the hint on .AppleSetupDone! After rummaging around /var/db folder, it turns out it was another file in there named .AppleMultiCDInstall which I needed to edit to remove all the Disk 2 options. The install places another file there .AppleMultiCDInstall.dist which is a blank copy of it, and copying that over .AppleMultiCDInstall then restarting the installation makes setup complete successfully.

[btw I had to reply with an answer here as I lost access to the original question]

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Maybe a mod can re-associate your accounts if you tell them by "flagging" your post for attention, I guess. Glad you got it figured out though! –  slhck Sep 17 '11 at 15:15

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