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I've created a key pair using GnuPG. I've read that in addition to multiple identities and email addresses, one can also embed a small image (most usually of the user) to help perhaps with memory recall or to verify visually the identity of a person, say at key-signing parties etc.

How do I go about doing this with GnuPG 1.4.10 on Windows 7?

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  gpg --edit-key <your key id>

This will start gpg's key editing mode. Then use the command addphoto:

gpg> addphoto

Pick an image to use for your photo ID. The image must be a JPEG file. Remember that the image is stored within your public key. If you use a very large picture, your key will become very large as well! Keeping the image close to 240x288 is a good size to use.

Enter JPEG filename for photo ID:

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