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Since iStat Menus doesn't work yet with Snow Leopard, is there another tool that I can use that would give me comparable info? (fan speed, computer temp, memory used & cpu usage)

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iStat Menus has now been updated to work with Snow Leopard. – Nate Sep 3 '09 at 21:39
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The best answer would probably be a combination of smcFan Control ( ), and MenuMeters....

Between both of those, I believe you will have the feature set you have asked about, and plus more...

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Thanks, I like how smcFan lets you set higher fan speeds too. That and MenuMeters will definitely do until the iStat Menus update – Teebes Sep 2 '09 at 0:53

There's a public beta of MenuMeters available that supports Snow Leopard. It's got most of the functionality of iStat Menus (and a few things that iSM doesn't have). I don't think it has fan speed readouts, though.

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Or just wait for iStat Menus :) – alex Sep 1 '09 at 15:58
@alex: I'm actually using both in 10.5 right now -- iSM doesn't have the live-updating menubar activity indicators for disk/network Tx/Rx. – arathorn Sep 1 '09 at 16:10
Thanks Arathorn, pretty neat little app – Teebes Sep 2 '09 at 0:54

iStat Menus 2.0 is out :

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