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I'm getting ghosting (lighter repeats of images going down the page that shouldn't be there). Ghosts appears only when upper-left or upper-right corners of the page are printed. With consequents left or rights margins, there is no ghosting.

I have replaced the fusing assembly (part RM1-1821-000CN) and the electrostatic transfer belt (part RM1-1885-020CN).

Have also employed auto cleaning function, didn't help.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Sounds like a Drum problem.

From the Microsoft article

Ghosting most often occurs when a large black pattern is followed by a fine gray scale. The condition is caused by residual electrical charges left on the surface of the electro-photographic (EP) drum or a lack of toner in the developer region. Ghosting is a condition experienced in one form or another by all devices that use the electro-photographic (EP) process. Both the developer and the EP-drum can produce dark or light ghosting. Both light and dark types of ghosting can be caused by either the developer or the EP-drum. The circumference of the developer or EP-drum corresponds to the distance between the repeated images. Therefore, measuring this distance determines whether the EP-drum or the developer is the cause of the ghosting.

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Seem that the electro-photographic (EP) drum are located on the cartridges themselves. I replaced them and now problem is fixed. – Velcro Oct 10 '11 at 8:45

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