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Is there any software that I can use to limit the download speeds?

I'm using a TP-LINK router, but it doesn't have a QoS feature.

One of the people who pays to use the internet connection always downloads something whenever she connects. I want to limit the bandwidth that she is using because she's consuming too much.

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Talking to her about it doesn't help? I'm adverse to technical solution for things that can be solved by social means. – Kusalananda Sep 19 '11 at 12:32
Which model exactly? Also, it seems you're limited to doing this on the router, otherwise you'd need a separate firewall/proxy, or have access to her machine. – slhck Sep 19 '11 at 12:41
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This is Howard from TP-LINK Support Force. I suggest you upgrade the router to an 11N wireless router. It supports IP QoS.

TP-LINK Support Force

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What you really need is a policy based traffic shaper which would allow you to define rules for either the hostname she is using or the hostnames/IP addresses she is connecting to.

There are lot of commercial packet shapers that you can choose from, but if you want to play around with an open source one I came across this one in a web search ("GNU Traffic Shaper") that you could give a try to:


MasterShaper is a network traffic shaper which provides a Web Interface for Quality of Servcie (QoS) functions of newer Linux 2.4- & 2.6-Kernel-Series.

I don't have direct experience with it, so take the recommendation with a cowlick sized grain of salt: It's just a pass along. You would wind up installing such a device/service in front of your router as the QOS policy manager and this would become the router for your outbound traffic.

enter image description here

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