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I am trying to scan files with an EPSON Stylus SX130 on windows 7 x64.

When i plug in the printer, windows automatically find drivers for printing, but not for scanning.

So i go to the manufacturer website to download the drivers, select windows 7 64-bit and download drivers for EPSON Scan.

The install works fine, but when i try to scan a file (eg: from paint or Windows fax and scan), the folowing message pops up and freezes the application : the progress bar plays the animation forever and the application does not respond.

popup message

I then have no choice to kill the application with the task manager. Do you have an idea of what's going on ? How can i fix the problem, ie: how do i get the scanner actually scan files without freezing ?

I tried to install the driver from the CD given in the printer package, and got the same problem.

The only help i found so far (the error seems somewhat related) is this :

Install a xp virtual machine and run it in there

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The "Epson Scan" at Epson's site is the scanning interface software (TWAIN interface), not the actual driver for the scanner. The actual driver is also offered there, it's titled as "Driver".

You may want to try using that driver instead of the one Windows found automatically.

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