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Every time I need to start or stop Tomcat, I am navigating to:


and once I am in the folder I enter:


And to stop the server, I navigate to the same directory and enter:


I was wondering if there was a way in Linux to alias the above described process, so that from any location in the filesystem, I can simply type in something like

StartTomcat or StopTomcat to perform the Startup and Shutdown of the web-server?

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You don't even need to navigate to these directories. Just use the full paths instead:


With those, you can create an alias, as you said:

alias StartTomcat='/Tomcat_Dir/bin/'
alias StopTomcat='/Tomcat_Dir/bin/'

Add these lines to your ~/.bash_profile, ~/.profile, or ~/.bashrc (whichever you're using – what is the difference?), restart the shell, and you're done.

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This is great. I had to use sudo alias StartTomcat='sudo /Tomcat_Dir/bin/' – Andrew Johnston May 25 at 16:14

I know of three easy options -

1) You can add the /Tomcat_Dir/bin to your PATH.

open your .bashrc and edit/add the following


2) Add links to the startup and shutdown scripts in you bin directory.

ln -s /Tomcat_Dir/bin/ /bin/

ln -s /Tomcat_Dir/bin/ /bin/

3) Alias the startup and shutdown scripts.

alias Tomstart='/Tomcat_Dir/bin/'

alias Tomstop='/Tomcat_Dir/bin/'

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