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I installed Ghostscript from this link:

so that I could view .eps files with Irfanview and so that Imagemagick is able to convert JPG files to EPS files and vice versa.

After a next/next/next install, I can indeed now view the .eps files and convert to and from jpg <--> eps.

However, I would assume Ghostscript had written into the enivronment path as Imagemagick did, so that these other programs could use it, I even remember seeing in the text in the .eps file that it was trying to access "gswin32".

But Ghostscript is not in the enivronment path, and when I go to the command line and type "gswin32" it tells me file not found.

How do these other programs use Ghostscript if not through the environment path or being told where it where the executable is located (C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.04\bin\gswin32.exe).

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Is there a registry entry with its path? That would seem to be the natural windowsishy solution.

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