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I'm building a screencast of a web app / game we've built. Its got audio integrated.

I've downloaded Camtasia for Windows. The audio sources I can choose in option have grayed out the option for the source from PC.

Anyone have any luck troubleshooting this?

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Dear OP: What worked? Or did you give up? – unforgettableid Jan 1 '13 at 1:31

Some audio drivers, especially those installed by default in Vista/7, don't allow you to record Stereo Mix, i.e. your output, so you might need to find and install another driver (after uninstalling the old one). links to downloads for common integrated audio solutions.

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May want to make sure Windows is seeing your microphone correctly first. In XP it's: Control Panel, Sounds and Audio, Voice.

Also, I found Fraps to be a lot simpler to use than Camtasia. Then again, I'm not a very demanding audio/video capture user.

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Yea, for gameplay videos Fraps is currently the "best" I'd say. It's definitely worth its money. I use it. – Grumpy ol' bear Sep 1 '09 at 19:02

Fraps is really the best for Game Play recording :)

Camtasia is really good for screen cast , but I think you should by Snagit instead, both from one company . But you'll get screen capture from Snagit :)

Record with sound is really easy with these ones . You should check your microphone :)

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Vista disable the sound and microphone options of your system by default you need to right click on your speaker icon (taskbar) select recording devices > right click and show disabled devices. This will allow you to turn on the option to record your computers sound.

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There is a tutorial on their help site titled "How do I record system audio? (The sound that comes out of my speakers)". You may want to see if this can help you.

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I had the same problem. The greyed out option changed however when I changed my headset from a typical 3.5mm input to a USB model. I can now record from the system audio.

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