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We're looking to buy some LCD monitors to be used as dashboard displays in the development offices around here at work. Primarily they will display information from a PC directly connected via HDMI or VGA. However, an awesome use case would be where team members can broadcast a live view of their monitor to the TV for the rest of the room to watch (and maybe listen to).

Would it be possible to do this via DLNA with some sort of executable on the broadcasting machine that spoke as a DLNA server to the DLNA client (the TV)?

Does anyone know of anything similar? Should I avoid DLNA completely and just go low-fi and just get staff to use the connected dashboard machine directly with VNC?

I've found this script for linux but because of how many machines and TVs we're talking about I'd prefer to have something that was simply install and go, rather than have to go through the effort of everything that the script would require to become operational on Windows.

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Closest thing I can find to off the shelf would be Gabby, but that's going to require Roku box(es). The Linux solution you link to illustrates some of the issues you're up against. True plug 'n chug requires all the functionality in those scripts to be incorporated into a DLNA digital media server. I don't see any with that kind of capability. Hmmmmm, maybe you can rig something up with TVersity and VLC? That would at least be a Windows solution.

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