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My Excel 2010 VBA editor is very strange. Whenever I type a blank it will be deleted. Found some other users with the same problem e.g. here.

The solution talks about forms running but I don't have any forms active. I disabled all add-ins in the options, restarted excel with a fresh empty workbook but the problem stays.

The strange thing is that problem disappears if I start excel in safe mode (/s startup switch).

My conclusion is that there must be some hidden add-on which is causing the problem. Where can I look for these hidden add-ons? registry, disk folders etc.

I have ran a complete virus/malware scan

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Have you checked Com Addins in Excel as well? – Doug Glancy Sep 22 '11 at 3:22
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Did a clean uninstall of Office and reinstalled and everything works fine again.

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