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Is it possible to change the position of the Remote Desktop Connection client bar? It's really annoying that I can only seem to drag it in the top area of the window.

Can I move the bar so it appears on the right-hand side of the window?

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It is now possible to remove it all together. In the Remote Desktop Connection windows, under the Display tab, uncheck the "Display the connection bar when I use the full screen."

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If you can't see the bar - You can get out of Remote desktop ..and go back to local computer using Ctrl + Alt + Break

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But you can have it minimise if you click the pin icon, to see it again bring your mouse up to the top of the screen.

Here is a list of all the options you have for a remote desktop connection, they all seem to focus on visual output coming from the remote machine, and security nothing about the client bar.

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Unfortunately not. For info, there is a complete list of the available customisations here:

As microsoft's links have a habit of going dead, the page title is:

"RDP Settings for Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008 R2"

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