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We want to create a computer with i7-2600k (Z68 chipset) and 32 GB ram. After some googling we found out that this can only be done with 4x8GB modules. We can choose from:

  • Samsung nonECC
  • A-DATA nonECC
  • Kingston ECC
  • Crucial ECC

with Crucial and Kingston being the cheapest.

Will it work if we place 4x8GB ECC non buffered ram into a non-server LGA-1155? We are not interested in ECC, our goal is just a working computer with 32 GB ram.

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I'm looking to do the exact same thing. My supplier doesn't offer 8GB DIMM that are unregistered, non-ECC. If you happen to get it working this way, please update. – Jeff Miles Oct 19 '11 at 18:24
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Some non-ECC supporting motherboards will take ECC memory and work - it's a bit hit-and-miss - but if you want to play safe, stick to the general specs recommended by the motherboard manufacturer or try with some ECC if you happen to have some to hand.

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