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It's following after this question: How do I create multi-line tabulations in Microsoft Word 2007?

I was told that I should make it with tables or columns. Yes I can make with tables but will it be possible to make something like that with columns? enter image description here

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Columns are meant for newspaper-like documents, where you often see multiple columns of text.

For what you want, you can make a table that looks like this:

| Very very long word        |
| First word   | second      |
|              | third       |
| Again very very long word  |
| Fourth word  | fifth       |

Word allows you to remove edges from tables, so start of a table with 4 rows and 2 columns.

You can also select the whole table and then remove the borders, so it looks like in your screenshot.

If anything is not clear, let us know...

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