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So I have a package that I am pretty sure that I removed part of one of its dependencies when removing something(as in rm). Long story. Basically what I want to do is have yum re-install the package and all of its dependencies so that it will re-install the files I removed. In the gentoo world you simply do it like this "emerge -e ". It seems yum should be able to do something similar.

I guess I could cobble together a script to list the deps and then parse those out and re-install all of them.

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Yeh, there's no easy way to do this ... however you can do a few things:

rpm -Va

...this will do a check on all the packages you have installed, and you can then reinstall anything that doesn't verify. Also:

yum reinstall $(repoquery --requires --recursive --resolve <pkg>)

...this will do what you asked for, although it's a big hammer.

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