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I want to copy from a damaged external HDD having a size of 500GB. I will use ddrescue for this.

Can I use like the following: I want to copy only one directory(named 'Important Docs') from 500GB HDD. 'Important Docs' has a size of 1GB. So in my laptop, I have a disk with space 20GB, can I image the 1GB 'Important Docs' folder to the 20GB HDD?

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Last time I looked ddrescue doesn't know anything about the filesystem. You may look for a different tool. – Zoredache Sep 22 '11 at 5:53
@Zoredache Could you please suggest another one... – Rauf Sep 22 '11 at 6:02
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From commandlinefu: Copy a file using dd and watch its progress.

dd if=/path/to/important/docs of=tofile & DDPID=$! ; sleep 1 ; while kill -USR1 $DDPID ; do sleep 5; done

I think (not tested) that if you change the path of if to a directory MAYBE it could work. If you make a google search you'll read that this is the wrong way to do this. In the same pages you can read that "there is no attempt to map around bad sectors on physical media" so i think it won't work but you don't have nothing to lose.

The use of the "of" and the options of "dd" could be as shown in this page:

dd if=/path/to/important/docs of=/your/harddisk/myCD.iso bs=2048 conv=sync,notrunc

mkdir /mnt/myCD

mount -o loop /home/sam/myCD.iso /mnt/myCD

you'll create an .iso image, then create the directory to mount the image and mount the image.

good luck!

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