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If I accidently evaluate a text cell in Mathematica, a orange plus and an error message will appear. It is easy to delete the error messages, however I can't seem to find a way to hide the orange plus.

My current workaround is copying contents of the cell, deleting the cell and finally pasting it again.


enter image description here

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I just noticed that you said "accidently evaluate a text cell" - I'm not sure that that is possible... since by default, text cells are not evaluatable. Have you been using normal input cells for writing text instead of text cells? Maybe you should read the Working with the Notebook Interface tutorial... – Simon Sep 26 '11 at 0:14
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It is controlled by a Cell option called EmphasizeSyntaxErrors. It can be removed by fixing the error and rerunning the cell, or manually using the cell expression or option inspector.

To view the expression of a cell, put the cursor in the cell or select its cell bracket and press Shift-Ctrl-E (also available under the Cell menu). Here's both the cell with an error and its cell expression: "Screenie"

Then just delete the
, EmphasizeSyntaxErrors->True (don't forget the comma)
or change it to

Alternatively, select the cell bracket and go to the Option Inspector (Shift-Ctrl-O or under the format menu) then under the "Editing Options" section you'll find the EmphasizeSyntaxErrors option that you can delete/set to default (on the left hand side) or set to False (on the right hand side): Option Inspector

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