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I use Firefox's "Live Bookmark" to subscribe to an RSS feed. This works fine, however if I click the Bookmark, I just get a list of recents posts with their titles. I would like to see the post date alongside the title, to get a quick impression of what's recent.

Is there a way to configure Live Bookmarks to show the date for each post? Or is there an addon which will do this? Basically, I'd like to get a list of recent posts, each with title + date, or something similar (such as posts grouped by date).


I manually downloaded the XML from the feed, and saw that it contains elements <updated> and <published> with a date, so the feed does contain the information I want.

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There's a Bugzilla entry for that feature which was resolved as "won't fix", so Firefox cannot currently do it and will probably not learn it either. I'm also not aware of an add-on capable of displaying the date / time along with Life Bookmarks, but I believe this would be a perfect addition to the LifeClick add-on. I'll suggest to add that feature to the authors.

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