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I wanted to create a Linux VM using Oracle VM Virtual box. The problem is that as soon as I restart the VM it restores to it original state. This is what I don't want as I lose all the test results for which I had created the VM.

Virtual Box does let me take snapshots periodically but I don't want to use snap shots.

What I am looking for is that once I create a VM I should be able to use it as a physical Linux machine. Is there a way to configure Virtual Box to prevent it from restoring the VM to it's original form.

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Did you run the OS installation in VirtualBox, or did you just run it as a virtual LiveCD instance? – Jin Sep 23 '11 at 10:44
Interestingly, I didn't install the Linux. Virtual Box just asks for the Boot media, it doesn't ask if you want to install the OS :-( – Geek Sep 23 '11 at 10:55

check that virtualbox is not setting the VM as 'immutable' that is, reverting it back to the initial state once it is shut down. while useful at times, i could see how an immutable image could be causing you trouble if it's not the desired effect.

Check the link for some more info.

Understanding and Configuring Virtualbox Hard Disks

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