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Windows 7 does not recognize my old Logitech Wingman Gaming Mouse.

Hence it does not send mousbutton-messages for the middle button (left and right button are working with the default driver).

I don't expect Logitech to do anything about it.

Question: Is there a generic mousedriver available, which could be adapted to the WIngman mouse (by configuring or programming or both)?

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There is an input driver "hook" that I have tested, and it is helping other people with older items that the manufactures will not support. It is called Xmousebuttoncontrol

This will provide for 3, 4, 5 button mouses using the standard compatibility or for Microsoft Intellipoint mouse drivers, plus an array of other things like per program configurations, and hotkeys and all.

Then Windows 7 might drop-out the low level hook if it delays for too long, or if some other thing causes a delay, so there is this registry location.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]


At this location the timeout for hooks (general) can be altered.

IMPORTANT: The number that is there is not tested by me. It will have to be tested and set as you need it. The number should be considered a placeholder or example.

Because it is NOT a Driver, this is NOT an answer.
I think there are some creative crossing up by using other "new" drivers and getting them to work with Old stuff, but I have not got that far yet.

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