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I have been using Cisco client to get connected to a VPN. How do I use that profile to connect by VPN?

I am calling vpnc from the CLI. It becomes interactive and asks a few questions. One I don't understand is:

Enter IPSec ID for : Enter IPSec secret for @:

These two entries – can someone point me to the exact thing it's looking for?

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Cisco remote access VPN uses two sets of credentials to authenticate normally. The first is a group id and password, the second is your user credentials.

openvpn is asking for the group id and password. Your vpn administrator will be able to provide these.

If this is going to be difficult, you can use the pcf2vpnc script to convert the PCF file that Cisco VPN client uses into something vpnc understands. Here is a howto:

The PCF file is found in c:\program files\Cisco\Cisco VPN Client\profiles

(or similar depending on your installation)

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