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My connection was really slow today so I ran netstat to see if there was something weird going on. The first five entries surprised me:

 Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State 

 TCP        DJ-Blade:62606         TIME_WAIT
 TCP        DJ-Blade:62607         TIME_WAIT
 TCP        DJ-Blade:62609         TIME_WAIT
 TCP        DJ-Blade:62611         TIME_WAIT
 TCP        DJ-Blade:62618         TIME_WAIT

I looked in Explorer, and under network was a machine labelled DJ-Blade, which I'm assuming is my roommate's. From what I can find it seems port 2869 is used in UPnP and SSDP discovery, from;en-us;832017. I checked my sharing settings, and for some reason I was in a homegroup I hadn't joined before. Once I left that, there were two final entries from DJ:

 TCP        DJ-Blade:62757         TIME_WAIT
 TCP       DJ-Blade:wsd           TIME_WAIT

The first entry on port 5357 is for network discovery, which I just disabled. I'm just concerned about the mysterious homegroup and the fact that I've never seen any of my roommates show up here. Is this normal?

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Do netstat -aon (that -o is important), -o shows PID. Then check task manager you can use tasklist command too. find out what process it is – barlop Sep 25 '11 at 6:36

Are you sure your roommate didn't join your computer to the homegroup?

There isn't a way to remotely join computers without remote execution.

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If it requires physical access then I'm sure – Patrick Lafferty Sep 24 '11 at 3:58

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