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I'd like to use the Nero AAC Encoder to create my lossy files.

Here's what is happening:

  1. I open a WAV file in Audacity.
  2. I select the portion of the audio I need to export and click export selection.

So, I'm never creating an intermediate slice. My problem is that I don't understand what to pass as the input file:

nero usage

Here's a non-working command line I'm using in Audacity. It fails because Nero complains about the missing input file. Notice that the Audacity dialog mentions standard in, can I use that? audacity CLE

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Nero AAC Encoder or newer is required.

To specify standard in, use a hyphen (-). Depending on how data is piped you may also have to use the -ignorelength switch.

Your command line should look like this:

neroAacEnc.exe -ignorelength -q 0.6 -if - -of %f
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Isn't 1.5.1 the final version? – Louis Dec 18 '11 at 20:46
Thank you! Looks like Nero has been updating the binary, but not changing the filename. I currently have, even though the download is By the way, I did have to use -ignorelength. – Louis Dec 19 '11 at 11:07

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