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I can't seem to figure out how to apply both an Umlaut (¨) and the Grave (`) to the the letter 'u'. I'll type one, then the other, then the letter, but only the latter accent is applied, with the former just left out to dry. Any ideas?

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There are basically two kinds of Unicode characters with diacritics:

  • Precomposed characters (what you should be using most of the time): LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS AND GRAVE (U+01DC)
    • ⌥`v on U.S. Extended
  • Decomposed characters: LATIN SMALL LETTER U (U+0075) + COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT (U+0300) + COMBINING DIAERESIS (U+0308)
    • u⌥⇧`⌥⇧v on U.S. Extended

Key combinations like ⌥u just enter a dead key state where the next key press inserts some precomposed character. ⌥⇧u would insert a combining diaresis that in turn could be followed by another combining character.

Some precomposed characters with multiple diacritics on the U.S. Extended layout:

  • ǜ: ⌥`v
  • ǚ: ⌥bv
  • ǖ: ⌥av
  • ṝ: ⌥ar
  • ḹ: ⌥al
  • ǘ: ⌥ev
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